New housing envisioned just east of Waunakee

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New housing envisioned just east of Waunakee

WAUNAKEE, WISC. (EXCERPTS FROM HGNEWS.COM): If a new development plan comes to fruition, Waunakee could see an additional 684 homes – both multi- and single-family – on the east side of the community.

Veridian Homes presented a plan to develop the 160-acre Breunig property, bounded by Main Street to the south, Division Street to the west and Schumacher Road to the east in an initial consultation before the Waunakee Plan Commission Aug. 12.

The plan calls for 393 single-family homes, 86 twin homes and 205 multi-family homes. First-time homebuyers will see a price point in the $260,000 to $270,000 range. Home options would also include luxury homes. Multifamily or senior housing would be located near Main Street. This mix follows the principle set for the project, where renters could move into first-time home ownership, then to luxury homes, and as empty nesters, find the next option.

Brian Munson, Principal urban designer with Vandewalle & Associates, said as the developer and builder, the price points, format and architecture are within (Veridian’s) control.

One area labeled the Farm Mixed Use Center is still being planned as perhaps a worship area or a restaurant site like Quivey’s Grove. The plan is to reuse some of the existing buildings.

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