Lakefront redevelopment moves ahead at former Walker site in Racine

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Lakefront redevelopment moves ahead at former Walker site in Racine

EXCERPTS FROM THE JOURNAL TIMES, RACINE: At a news conference in Mayor Cory Mason’s office Wednesday morning, Mason and staff members shared details of the first phase of a planned redevelopment of the former Walker site, currently considered the city’s prime development opportunity. The Walker site lies just north of Pugh Marina at 1129 Michigan Blvd., where a minimum $50 million, mostly residential construction project of 242 market-rate apartments is planned along Lake Michigan. And that’s just phase one.

“Big picture on this: This is the biggest redevelopment project we have seen in this city in probably a generation,” Mason said. As important, he said, is that this project will be “building a community” and getting local people back to work.

Mason said Royal Capital is buying the city-owned site for $3.2 million. The mayor praised the company as a business partner and for the development work it is doing in connection with the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena.

“This is a great time to be in Racine,” Newell said after Mason introduced him. “This is an amazing time for the community; you guys have definitely earned this opportunity. We came to Racine, out of all the other opportunities we could have chased after in the local market, based upon the leadership here. Being able to work with a mayor and council and staff that gets it, that share the same values that we share, made this partnership viable.”


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