Next Muncie: The team working to revitalize the central city and community

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Next Muncie: The team working to revitalize the central city and community

MUNCIE, IN (WITH EXCERPTS FROM WIBC.COM): Ball State is one of several anchor institutions committed to revitalizing the Muncie community. Part of that is implementing a bold Central City revitalization strategy (being shaped by city leadership with the help of Vandewalle & Associates) that will start positive change from Muncie’s central core.

“There are wonderful institutions and very proud people in Muncie,” Ball State President Geoff Mearns said, “and we want to do all we can at the university with our faculty staff, our students, and our alumni, do all that we can to support our friends and neighbors out in the community.”

Which is why Mearns is also the co-chairman of Next Muncie, and serves with Jeff Bird, the president of IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, and other community leaders. 

The team works together with businesses, foundations, and elected officials to prioritize economic development initiatives and neighborhood revitalization projects in Muncie to accomplish a roster of shared goals surrounding quality of life and cultural diversity, next-generation mobility, and support for existing companies.

To make that happen, Muncie has several projects underway and many more planned for the heart of the city. Read the full article here.

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