V&A leads enthusiastic community workshop for Oregon Park Plan

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V&A leads enthusiastic community workshop for Oregon Park Plan

EXCERPTS FROM CONNECTOREGONWI.COM: Every municipality in Wisconsin is required to have a long-term plan in place for its parks and other “open spaces” to remain eligible for state and federal funding. The visioning workshop was part of the Village of Oregon’s process of updating its plan. The workshop was led by Vandewalle & Associates’ Principal Planner Mike Slavney and Assistant Planner Sam Wessel.

“The plan is a giant inventory,” Vandewalle’s Sam Wessel explained. “It’s an inventory of what we have, but also what people want in the future. As a city develops, you can guide where these final parks and facilities will go.”

Meeting participants were given a packet that included an agenda, worksheets, a questionnaire, and a table assignment. When the groups of about five people gathered around their assigned table, they found a spread-out map of the Oregon area that included existing parks infrastructure, and stickers and markers they could use to suggest places to improve or add new facilities.

Each team presented its maps to the larger group, and the consultants will synthesize this data when they create their updated village plan.

Wessel tallied the votes and reported that the No. 1 priority was establishing walking, fitness, and biking groups. The desire for an outdoor pool and for more food carts tied for second, and canoeing and kayaking programs came in third.

“This isn’t us telling the community what we want to see,” Wessel said. “It’s all public input.” Find the full article here.

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