Courtyard Marriott opens in former Deere Building

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Courtyard Marriott opens in former Deere Building

FROM WCFCOURIER.COM: The $43 million 166-room hotel is located at 250 Westfield Ave. For decades, tractor manufacturing was concentrated there before Deere expanded to several facilities around Waterloo-Cedar Falls in the 1970s and early ’80s.

Floors in the structure were raised above the original manufacturing floor to allow hotel patrons to take advantage of the picturesque views outside the now-restored windows. One floor of the building will be used by Deere as a conference and training center.

The ongoing construction — which includes an upper-level swimming pool, large workout area and conference space — has drawn a lot of interest from Deere retirees and their families.

“I’ve had people come in here and do tours who have literally brought tears to my eyes,” hotel manager Kim DeGood said. “What an astonishing thing to be a part of. Especially John Deere history. To be a part of a project that means so much to other people. Not even the most talented managers and the most successful managers get to be part of a project like this.”

The hotel is opening in time for Deere’s 100th anniversary in Waterloo next year. Read the full article here.

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