A Q&A with V&A: Finding Purpose, Making an Impact

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A Q&A with V&A: Finding Purpose, Making an Impact

Sometimes it helps to collect our thoughts and remember why we are here, what we aim to do, and why we do it. Recently when asked to answer a set of questions about purpose and perspective, we discovered that each person at V&A has a different story to tell about how they strive to make their own impact.

Here is a sampling of what was shared by Brian V and by some of the V&A principals: 

“What we do is unique and has a big impact on places where you can see plenty of empty factories. Without our help, new redevelopment projects in these places would not be programmed to work.” 
— Brian Vandewalle

“I want to see plans happen, by offering unique solutions or finding ways to bridge gaps to move a project forward.”
 — Jolena Presti

“When there are differing opinions in public process facilitation, you have to realize — they all are trying to get the best possible outcome.” 
— Brian Munson

“The world would be a better place if it incorporated more wisdom.” 
— Dean Proctor

“When there is an opportunity to shape the big picture out there, I want us to be the ones working on it. I am not afraid to be working on the bloody edge.”
 — Rob Gottschalk

“I feel it is my purpose to help communities build confidence and capacity in controlling their destinies…”
 — Mike Slavney

“That moment of perfect clarity — when a person sees a viewpoint or concept in a way they had not seen it before. Then I know I did something worth doing.”
 — Susan Hansen


We will be sharing more of this content soon — to give you a closer look at what makes each of us tick and what makes our collective drive come together as an effective force for positive change. Stay tuned!

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