Endangered species? TIGER Discretionary Grants

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Endangered species? TIGER Discretionary Grants

U.S. DOT NEWS–The U.S. DOT’s Transportation Infrastructure Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program of Discretionary Grants has been used successfully over the last decade by communities to fund infrastructure such as multimodal bicycle and pedestrian projects, transit centers and transit oriented development, and other active transportation supportive of healthy communities and economy. However, in its recently released budget blueprint, the current administration announced it is considering cuts to a list of programs including TIGER. Congress needs to hear what you think about TIGER Discretionary Grants, and whether you believe they help communities achieve their goals of creating transportation choices that families want. The American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has more information on the program and how you can support it here.  To get a better idea of the widespread impact TIGER has had across the country, check out this cool map created by DOT showing TIGER-funded projects across the U.S.

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