‘Village feel’ suggested for Alliant Energy Center redevelopment

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‘Village feel’ suggested for Alliant Energy Center redevelopment

FROM THE WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL–Chicago firm Hunden Strategic Partners is suggesting the Alliant Energy Center campus be redeveloped to create a “village feel,” while renovating and expanding existing structures including the Dane County Coliseum. The redevelopment would have a price tag of more than $240 million if all of the suggested renovations and expansions were made, but Hunden said the center could increase its full-time employment positions by more than 600 and bring more visitors to boost the local economy. The Coliseum would require the biggest improvements, with a cost of $87 million to $105 million depending on how many amenities were added, which is roughly half of the price to demolish and rebuild it. Recommendations for the campus also suggest expansion of the Exhibition Hall with more floor space and a new ballroom; additional overnight accommodations in the immediate area; adding multiple restaurants and outdoor dining; and improvements such as bike paths and sidewalks to make the campus more pedestrian friendly. It was suggested that the project would also benefit residents of Madison’s economically challenged south side by offering a range of new entry-level employment opportunities.

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