Can Madison become the next Capital of Conscious Capitalism?

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Can Madison become the next Capital of Conscious Capitalism?

FROM MADISON MAGAZINE, DEC. 13, 2016. Principal planner Rob Gottschalk, head of the Vandewalle & Associates economic positioning and regional sustainability team, was one of the Madison-area business leaders interviewed about how conscious capitalism has grown in Madison. “When you look at the variety of companies that are here that were started here by pioneering entrepreneurs, that these companies are now driving our private sector technology economy in this region. There’s an underlying focus on the employee and the customer.” He notes that while Madison and the Midwest don’t have the depth of talent found of the coasts, there are some industry leading companies here with deeply rooted, non-traditional philosophies. “The tenets of conscious capitalism found within these companies not only have to do with their leaders and how they’re driven, says Gottschalk, but also with creating a “Midwest oasis” of companies that display a greater purpose, and that, in turn, attracts “the best and the brightest talent from around the world Read the full article here.

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