Jacksonport is optimistic about park grant

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Jacksonport is optimistic about park grant

FROM THE DOOR COUNTY PULSE: The Town of Jacksonport is moving forward with decisions on the Lakeside Park. Committee members moved to remove an on-site structure rather than renovate it for public bathrooms and community space, stating that renovation would eat up too much of the budget while the status of the town’s Knowles-Nelson grant application is not yet known. Without the Knowles-Nelson grant, which would match the town funds for the project, other park enhancements such as parking improvements on the north and south ends of the park, a walking path, farmers market stand and landscaping might not happen. The Town remains optimistic about the grant; Dan Johns from Vandewalle and Associates, said that twenty-nine individuals and local groups, including the Jacksonport Area Business Association, Jacksonport Women’s Club, Kangaroo Lake Association and the Shores of Jacksonport Neighborhood Association, wrote letters in support of the grant. Read the full article here.

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