Milton “Gathering Place” grows into a multi-generational community center

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Milton “Gathering Place” grows into a multi-generational community center

From Since its founding, Milton’s Gathering Place has been a non-profit activity center where seniors can gather, garden, and develop skills and passions like poetry, singing, and exercise. Now the center is becoming an even more important piece of the economic picture in Milton. With the addition of new land and facilities, it is adding offerings that appeal to multiple generations. At the same time it is allowing residents of the small town to “age in place” without forgoing social and cultural opportunities that can be had in larger communities.  Vandewalle & Associates created the master plan with a vision for expanded programming and campus including a new porch, new gardens, a stage and flexible use pavilion, walkways, recreational lawns, event spaces and focal points, and additional parking. Check out the article by Marta Purdy.

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