Madison Alder favors exploration of Nolen Centennial Project concepts

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Madison Alder favors exploration of Nolen Centennial Project concepts

MADISON, WI: Setpember 25, 2014, From the District 13 Blog of Alder Lucas Dailey, regarding the Nolen Centennial Project: “This area of the city (including Olin Turville Park, the lake shore, and causeway along John Nolen Drive) has tremendous potential, and that there is some energy around it makes it even more exciting. Further, I strongly believe we don’t sufficiently celebrate our connections with our lake, and in particular the Olin/John Nolan/Law-Park crescent that is the defining skyline view of our city. I believe we need to find ways to make Madison as spectacular as possible from an urban perspective, and this area could be our Crown Fountain. For those reasons I support funding planning staff to begin working with the neighborhood and stakeholders to explore the ways to both enhance the public sphere and protect the environmental one.” The ideas and vision for the Nolen Centennial Project were developed over the course of several years by the Nolen Centennial Project Task Force that includes Tim and Kevin Metcalfe working in association with Vandewalle & Associates and other key stakeholders. See the full document here. 

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